Fabio PoWe are a craft company with experience in the field since 1978.
In 1997, we decided to open an art studio where we produce both light carpentry articles (gates, railings, fences, railings, gazebos, cantilever roofs, pergolas, trellises, etc..), Both objects and furnishing accessories for the home, gardens, parks, and works of art.
And everything is HANDMADE!

As described in an article on ancient works, of the local newspaper "La Gazzetta di Modena" museum-1.1598520:
"The owner, Fabio Po chose to become a smith. One could say that had a vocation for art since childhood. Drew very well and the parents have enrolled in art school “Venturi”. But it was urgent a new family salary then "it is better to Boys Town where you learn a trade, and after three years you have to work," said him, his upholsterer father.

From 17 years up to 33 years working in different workshops, where he learned to use the machine tools. But his passion remains wrought iron in fact just finished work in the workshop to be hammering on the anvil of an old blacksmith neighbor.
But his teacher was Angelo Tonini, today over seventy years: he has worked a lifetime beating the iron, has the timbre of blacksmith roll registration and works for the manufacture of Superintendence of Cultural Heritage. Family of blacksmiths since 1800 , Fabio still asks for advice and opinions to the old master. "The iron seems cold and dead material, but in our hands is always in motion, is warm and malleable."
Fabio in 1998 he resigned from the factory and opened the shop in the Via Zarlati, in the heart of the Artisan Village of Modena.

In the workshop of Po there is a small museum near to witness the continium between the ancient, old and modern. A hammer of 1920 restored and still functioning. They were the first hammers motor after those of the 800 moved by waterwheel. A lathe of the 50 handcrafted with a gear took ​​by a car
A parallel lathe, of the seventies: a symbol and monument of the artisan mechanic. .
Fabio builds details in wrought iron for carpenters , building companies, who restore or make renovations: bolts, block window and block door , old hinges for doors and windows.

But even articles of furniture, chandeliers lamps, tables, coat hangers and railings and gates. In 2002 he made ​​the design and built the beautiful luminous sign of the high school “Wiligelmo”, the Willy. He has just finished a railing that has designed and constructed so that it fit in an old farmhouse renovated and modernized. "I really love drawing when I have a little 'time I make sketches and then try to realize them even if I know that the piece will not sell it." You need the amateur, the connoisseur who is able to appreciate the true wrought iron.

My work is really creative urchins I build for railings, balance them with the ancient system of brazing, with hot, I join sides with nails or clamps and finally I see the result of my work.

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